Health Screening

We offer a wide variety of medical services and Lab panels for screening


Offering on-site vaccine clinics for COVID-19, the flu, B-12 and more

Self Service Portal

Our website portal makes it easy for your employees to schedule services


Benefits of a Wellness Program

Increased Productivity
Healthy employees are more productive. Companies report a 40% increase in productivity after implementing an employee wellness program. There are less sick days, a decrease in complaints, and a overall happier team.
Reduced Expenses
Workplace wellness is a smart investment with a proven return. When the wellbeing of your workforce is a priority, you’ll hire more quickly, retain more talent and reduce associated expenses. Your insurance costs will go down – while remaining compliant – and you’ll see fewer unemployment, workman’s compensation and disability claims.
Actionable Data & Insights
When you have access to aggregate data regarding the health and wellbeing of your workforce, you gain the opportunity to bring out the best in your team – putting you at an advantage when it comes to Human Capital Management. With data you’ll know which wellness programs are most successful in lowering the stress of your employees, while also predicting and managing turnover.
Ease of access to Medical Services
Flu Shots, Vaccinations, Cancer Screening, Allergen Screening, and Immune Panel, Thyroid and Panel, and many other Health Panels

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